pointillism | Pointillism sunflower

Pointillism sunflower

This one looks like another stipple drawing but with color! By: MyPencilWork pointillism

lovely impressionist painting.

The use of colours is amazing and the technique used is good. The painter used light thin dotted brushstrokes to show the actual object(trees) and how the leaves smoothly flow away.

Pointillism Lesson Plans | Pointillism worksheet from Miss Young’s Art Room blog.

pointillism worksheet-Earth day project with Miss Rumphius.help the kids understand how to do the art

Dot, dot..dot..only dots!  i feel like this is the right way to draw people because were made up of pores, yes

Dot, dot..dot..only dots!

Animal paintings made from hundreds of colored dots

Animal Paintings Made From Hundreds Of Colored Dots



Really cool Pointillism art project!

Art Technique: Pointillism

Really cool Pointillism art project! Must use secondary colors made by placing varying amounts of primary colors dots in close proximity. Science focus: how eyes will "mix" the colors and close the shape without a visible line.