BIG unveils plans for NYPD’s first-ever green-roofed police station

BIG unveils plans for NYPD's first-ever green-roofed police station

Psych Santa Barbara Police Station

Imagine this with only 2 desks and a little smaller. Large front window that leads out to the street of the small town- almost an old cafe feel.

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The Dark and Gritty World of Gotham

The bullpen at the PD where Mike and Colt work. 'Burg Series by Kristen Ashley

Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters in Los Angeles, California; designed by AECOM

Designed to fit within the urban context of the Los Angeles Civic Center, the new foot Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Headquarters featu.

Fun Ways to Learn about Community Helpers - Inspire Creativity, Reduce Chaos & Encourage Learning with Kids

Fun Ways to Learn about Community Helpers

Let's Pretend: Police Station ~ Creative Family Fun -- This could be done at den meeting our pack more for any of the police safety/ good citizen related requirements.