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This stuff pisses me off so much. they are human, guys cry just like girls do and should be allowed to be emotional. everyone should be free to express their feelings and concerns for their mental health. To all the guys out there struggling, I'm here for you and things get better. Your allowed to seek help if you feel like your in a dark place.

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The European Union, United In Diversity [INFOGRAPHIC]

The European Union, United In Diversity [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Einstein quote. I'm not sure if this is his real quote but it is true. Have a heart and a brain.this is true!!

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I'm kinda surprised that Mel Gibson made this short list

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Karl Marx, uprooted on Cosmopolitan:)

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Christiano Ronaldo wearing a #FreePalestine shirt.

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Disgusting, when is the world going to hold Israel responsible for all its ATROCITIES??? ... kd

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This is an example of communism because according to your abilities you will get paid.

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