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bbc: Images of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their children-Victoria, Albert Edward, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, Beatrice

Queen Victoria: The real story of her 'domestic bliss'

1842 Queen Victoria wearing sapphire jewelry by Franz Xavier Winterhalter Winterhalter painted two similar portraits of Queen Victoria in 1842, one of her wearing a small crown and this one where she also wears Order of the Garter regalia.
Victoria, Princess Royal (1840-1901) | Royal Collection Trus
Queen Victoria , 1843  by Sir Francis Grant (Scottish 1803-1878)
Queen Victoria’s famous miniature crown, containing 1,200 diamonds.  I hesitated about including this in a pin, because it's a ridiculous little object, really.  But still.  It sparkles.

The Queen of Diamonds: On show at the Palace, a dazzling collection of jubilee jewels

The Marriage of Queen Victoria, 10 February 1840 | Royal Collection Trust
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's family tree from Queen Victoria. HUGE mistake made in Philip's line...the photo of Princess Victoria is that of Princess Alice's (above) sister who became Empress of Germany. Princess Alice became Princess of Hesse and by Rhine; her daughter was Victoria of Hesse.

From 1953 to today: Every year of the Queen's reign celebrated in pictures

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