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Equestrian problems I think i have to tell people that at least once a week. hahaha its funny because it happens all the time...

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Equestrian Problems #50... sometimes i just say i love it for the feel of wind in your face and bugs in my teeth!

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Falling in love with your lesson horse and having to watch other people ride them. #horse #equestrian

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Equestrian Problem #38 Less than a month until Christmas! What are some equestrian related things you all want for Christmas? (Or Hanukkah..)

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equestrian problems | Tumblr ALL. THE. TIME. like its seriously a problem I cluck at EVERYTHING. Especially my dogs

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Every time. I've given up hope that I will be completely dry after I've given my horse a bath.

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Equestrian Problem #74 Inspired by : dreamshavenoexpirydates

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so true...although my balance on horses could be better haha

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HAHAHA!!! Me in a nutshell :D

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it takes one crazy horse person to understand another and yet they dont look at each other like they're crazy because they know

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