Fire up polework - Ride the exercise with a change of direction so you practice voltes both to the right and the left. This ensures your horse is gymnasticized on both sides.
One pole configuration, three exercises
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At the end of last session my mentor decided to have her kids ride bareback for fun. This is what she did. Tack: Rider 1: Cashel saddle, no stirrups Rider 2: surcingle and pad (You could have stude…

Bareback Riding

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If you are not doing pole work with your horses than you are missing out on an array of helpful training exercises. Yesterday, we watched to...
Smooth & Precise: Western Riding Pattern II. To ace this western riding pattern you'll need to ride fluidly and precisely, and with perfect timing.
Level: Intermediate/Advance.I love this design because it is versatile and provides a “2-in-1” training package. It allows you to concentrate your exercise in
Helps with turning the horses easily, really helps with softening the horse
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I think this is what my trainer is trying to show me, to use outside rein & leg to turn the horse's whole shoulder & body to a circle to the inside. I tend to do "B" which only turns his head.
True love never dies!!
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Léttia Sparkle Saddle Pad All Purpose Blue Teal