Operation Game Remember this game so well as a kid. Played all the time with mom.  #KinkyCheerstoMOM

City Carrier Assistant (CCA) Mailman Maladies - Charley Horse, Kidney Stones and Inguinal Hernia

Operation Board Game - I loved this game when I was a kid! The game is different now. The compartments are larger and the game is not very challenging for kids.

I bet you remember this, too, @Phyllis Lawson!

13 Ways to Enjoy Being Home for the Summer

With the exception of the lightning bugs, all true. My curfew was the street light in front of my house coming on. That was all our curfews.

23 jouets que tu commandais à Noël dans les années 80/90

23 jouets que tu commandais à Noël dans les années 80/90

Busy Box, Fischer price activity center -- this was in our cribs when we were little.

Interview Outfit Suggestions - Remember this is going to be your first impression.  Always error on the side of professional.

How To Dress For A Job Interview With Style

Do you remember this Lip Gloss? Had a ton of it, it was greasy and gritty, but we all wore it! lol!

21 Things I Miss About From My Adolescence in the 70's

I remember this!!!! images of 1960's toys - Bing Images....one of my faves when I was a kid :)

35 Updates to Classic Childhood Toys (Too Awesome to Exist)

We had these Wooly Willy magnetic toys in the when we were kids . They were such good fun, don't think today's children would be impressed!

A no nonsense joint, I’ll have to remember this one. #WoodworkingProjects #woodworkingplans

The Woodworking Bench - Things One Must Know

A no nonsense joint, I’ll have to remember this one. #WoodworkingProjects #woodworkingplans

Loved this show -emmy                                                                                                                                                      More

55 Things All Early '90s Kids Will Never Forget

Dinosaurs the TV show was the best thing ever ! I use to watch this all the time as a kid !

inspirational quotes from Great Albert Einstein!


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" ~ Albert Einstein - Focus on where your strengths lie, not your weaknesses.

Gram's Prune Cake Recipe. I remember this growing up. After looking at the recipe, it looks like the same ingredients my grandma used. YUM!

Gram's Prune Cake

Gram's Prune Cake Hey, this is my gram's recipe! What a trip to see someone pinned it from the recipe site I posted it to! This is an amazing cake, BTW. Everybody used to request it for their birthday cake, even all the kids!

For a party! cook hot dogs in the crock pot - don't add water.  they will release moisture on their own.  cook on low for 4 hours. taste like they were cooked on a roller!----need to remember this!!

CrockPot Hot Dogs for a Crowd

This is an awesome idea! I hate having to deal with burnt dogs from the grill! Hot Dogs for a Crowd using your 6 quart slow cooker instead of a grill. Hot dogs for a crowd. No water necessary.hot dogs come out tasting like they were cooked on a roller.

Не секрет, что многие из нас мамы... Я целых три раза! :) Погода портится, и мы все меньше гуляем... А детям в четырех стенах скучно (а у некоторых скоро каникулы). Предлагаю вместо мультиков помастерить с детками! Вот небольшая подборочка интересных (на мой взгляд) поделок: Можно вместе со старшими детьми смастерить мобиль в детскую кроватку. Это и не дорого и красиво!

That is adorable! You could do this with and kids toy plastic animal . must remember this dinosaur footprints in sugar cookie

Pancake Mini-Muffins- The Pioneer Women I have to remember this for the grandkids

Pancake Mini-Muffins

Pancake Mini-Muffins- The Pioneer Women I have to remember this for the grandkids - check more on my website

Instead of candles use glow sticks!  Must remember this for next year with our pumpkins. I love this!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Watermelon Lanterns

Remember this when I move next time. Why didn't I think of this the one million times I've moved, duh!

33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Great idea when you're moving! The fastest way to pack a closet. This also keeps your clothes on their hangers, for much faster unpacking. Hang in closet when you arrive and tear off the bag and you are done! This would also work for off season storage.