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In a way, Rory has her own little rebellion. She changes the way she thinks, scraps her ideals and opens herself up to new way of life that would have terrified the old her. Rory in herself is an act of rebellion.

From the Depths, 1906.  Print shows a lavish social event in a large ballroom attended by the well-to-do; the party is disrupted when a fist erupts through the floor, beneath which are the struggling masses of the less fortunate who provide the foundation support on which the wealthy rest.

"From the Depths" by William Balfour Ker, a socialist artist and illustrator. Ker was depicting the fear of revolution from below. Socialists later renamed the painting "The Hand of Fate.

Unfortunately, society is not a level playing field. It is structured on social injustice.

Fixing Our Broken Systems

Unfortunately, society is not a level playing field. For all that these children, to them society has been built this way, they never knew a free world like we know today.

The news has just been released that two of the richest families are planning to tear down homes in the less respectable part of town and rebuild condos and other things there so they can expand and bring in more business. People will lose their homes and jobs. There are now riots going and and the police are having to deal with triple their normal load.

"A symbol of anarchy," Justin mutters. "Naming a virus 'Riot'." Cameron Kyler shook his head.

Free yourself from your own 'prison'....unchain yourself from the crowd. I love this. Nunca deixe a obrigação de produzir alienar a paixão de criar

Life is all about freedom. My main focus in life is to live free.

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