Robert Carlyle - Mr. Gold / Once Upon a Time

Robert Carlyle for ya. I do have to admit I have a crush on this man. He's just an absolutely amazing actor. He portrays Rumplestiltskin perfectly by giving him his own little twist on the way he talks and acts, which makes the series even better.

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Robert Carlyle Conversation: Anything he'd say in that accent would sound much better than what I'd have to say. We can talk about happy things like his kids, kilts & bagpipes, and unexpected sex appeal.

Robert Carlyle... I hear he played me in some...modern show. Ugh.

Bobby Carlyle (I wanna dance with him at the Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School.

Robert Carlyle, "Rumplestilskin" from "Once Upon a Time". Fantastic actor.

Robert Carlyle, "Rumplestilskin" from "Once Upon a Time". A complex character in an often exasperatingly bad show.

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