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Roll coal! Si knows whats up. :)

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Diesel born, diesel bred, I'll roll coal until I'm dead. Black Chevy Lifted... DuraMax, IH, Powerstroke, Cummins, CAT... let the coal roll, boys! :)

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Prius Repellant Meme

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Roll Coal

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Rolling Coal: America's political divide reaches the roads [w/videos]

Victims aren't usually chosen at random. Rather, coal rollers take particular delight in targeting drivers of green-friendly cars like the Toyota Prius, because rolling coal isn't always mere indiscriminate harassment, but a form of grassroots political protest against President Obama and perceived burdensome federal regulations.

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Rolling coal Earl Dibbles Jr. Cummins, diesel, smoke

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Cummins isn't a Ford motor but I've finally seen a "Keep Calm" statement that I can associate with.

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Roll Coal! Love sum Powerstrokes Hey Y'all Blowout Sale, 50% OFF! Support and Roll Coal For Diesel Dave. Buy Awesome Diesel Truck Apparel! Make Sure To Click That Link Below Or Click It On My Bio! Stay Tuned For Truck Giveaways.

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Haha funny. Diesel. Roll coal. Haul ass. He'll yes. Trucks. Black smoke. Sexy. Country boy. Country girls. Country quotes.

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