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This is a Japanese drum line! Amazing! There was a Japanese drum line. The different kinds of drums come from different prefectures around Japan. It takes a lot of energy and musclework to keep the rhythm going. It's not in this particular video but it's amazing when the drummers do something that looks like sit-ups while drumming and stop in mid sit-up. They make it look so easy.

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Short drumming video with tubs and containers as drums - 3rd Graders Bucket Drumming

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Rumpukomppeja. Lisäksi sanaluokka- ja matikkaharjoituksia musiikin avulla.

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Bucket Stomp from Bucket Worx

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Top Ten Bucket Drumming Beats of ALL TIME! #2 & #3

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My Autumn Playlist

The Ultimate Autumn 2016 Playlist. | Indie, Alternative & Rock Songs for Fall. Click through to listen!

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Bucket Drumming Theme and Variations

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► “Yuck” – An Easy Bucket Piece (rote) | Bucket Drumming 101

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5 Mistakes Teachers Make When Teaching Bucket Drumming - The Bucket Book

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Bucket Band Fun

A "Bucket Band" song written for elementary ages. A 2 part song written in Rondo Form using quarter note and eighth note rhythms. There are sayings to go along with the rhythms to help students to play the rhythms in the song.

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