The more people I meet the more I understand serial killers.

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Another sharp quote from american serial killer Ted Bundy. #tedbundy #serialkiller #quotes

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Carl Panzram Serial Killer Quotes

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Ted Bundy quotes and sayings

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Ted Bundy More

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Need to decrease for kid size. My Hobby Is Crochet: Thread headband- free pattern with tutorial

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Sarjamurhaajat siellä vaan houkuttelee

charles manson

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The Plainfield, Wisconsin police department had no idea of the grotesque world they were about to enter when they went to Ed Gein's farm home to investigate the disappearance of a local woman. Gein's crimes went down in history as some of the most disgusting ever uncovered, encompassing murder, grave robbing and cannibalism.

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“Those people out there in the world— they are so busy running around for the almighty dollar, they don’t have time to just sit with themselves to get in tune with The One. They eat cows and animals and tear down trees and all of the things the planet gives us, and don’t put nothing back into it— selfish and greedy robots. With their bombs they think they’re gonna blow it up. Not if I’m around— no, they’ll never blow it up.” — Charles Manson, 1968

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