Old Man and the Sea...one of my favourite paintings!

Vintage Sea Captain Lobsterman Fisherman Quilting Fabric Block

old man and the sea painting FISHERMAN Mariner Old Man in the Sea, Vintage Art Print Germany .


mexicanfireworks: (The Messes of Men)

Antony Sojka - "Tide": A photo-essay about people living in Halligen, a place of not too many inhabitants, which consists of ten small undiked islands situated in the German North Sea.

Capt. Alex Teschner beside the wheel of the three-masted German bark PERA, Port Blakely, Washington, 1901. University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division.

Through your passion for the Finnish culture and teaching us all about our family history, I have a new fascination with my sea captain great grandfather.

sea captain embroidery sampler pattern by cozyblue on Etsy

sea captain embroidery sampler pattern by cozyblue on Etsy Father christmas's beard?

It made it easier talking about it with you. I guess I have to keep trying. You're a good example of that it'll get better. So for now, I'm going to feel like shit, but it'll get better.

The Waking Sea was visible from the castle at Ostwick; Lex spent long, lonely hours watching it and wishing he could be so strong and insurmountable, or that it would rise up and smash the castle to pieces and let him escape.