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Here is a mystery nobody wants to touch. In a riverbed in Paluxy, Texas, archaeologists have found both dinosaur tracks and human footprints together. Both made at the same time. And, not just one track, but dozens. All the tracks are the same age, about 140 million years old, and they were made together.

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Unexplained stone ball discovered in Bosnia/The huge spherical stone which was discovered last month in the Podubravlje forest in Bosnia is puzzling the scientific community.

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Gigantic Human Skeleton Found In The Mountains After Nepal Earthquake

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Chronicles 11.22 The height of these steps are crazy ... makes one believe in giants of the legends

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Megalodon 1940's

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Explore the Greatest Unsolved Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena of the World featuring Cryptozoology, Supernatural, Paranormal...

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Oddly Weird Stuff Around The world

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Greenland sharks live for at least 272 years - Unexplained Mysteries

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