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Bug Out Bag Checklist                                                       …
The big one's coming - the earthquake that topples walls, destroys bridge and…
There are a handful of basic skills that everyone will need in a true SHTF scenario. How many of these survival skills do you know?

8 Basic Skills You Need To Master Before The SHTF

Over 4000 FREE Survival Handbooks & PDFs - I came across the mother load of all free survival PDFs and manuals. They are separated into categories so its super easy to browse and a nice easy layout. All are FREE and can be downloaded and saved to your computer.
Start collecting these items at least a few at a time.  Don’t sit around and wait.

100 Things Likely To Vanish First If SHTF

Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40 …
OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES TO STOCKPILE: When there is no pharmacy, you can rely on these over-the-counter medications in the prepper's medicine cabinet!
During or after a major SHTF event there maybe no gas, no mechanics, no rental cars, etc... But a lot of abandoned vehicles whose owners are no longer with us or have abandoned them by choice. Under these circumstances hot wiring a vehicle maybe your only option if you must have transport.
40 Dirt-Cheap Items That Will Be Priceless After The SHTF

40 Dirt-Cheap Items That Will Be Priceless After The SHTF

Here are the top essential oils for SHTF health and survival.

A Must Have List of Essential Oils for Health and Survival