Six traits

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Six Traits of Writing Posters and Checklists. These are perfect for student's notebooks! Students can self assess their own writing using the six traits. The six traits posters with real pictures are perfect for a word wall or to hang in your classroom!

Six Traits of Writing Posters and Checklists, 6 Traits Posters

Writing Rubric - Six Traits!

The Perfect Writing Rubric: Six Traits

#WritersWorkshop This is a great bulletin board or anchor chart for year-round use in Writer's Workshop to help students recall the six traits and their characteristics.
6 Traits of Writing Posters | Have you used the 6 Traits program in your classroom? What resources ...
The Literate Learner - InterActive Six Trait Writing Process. Rubrics, examples for each of the 6 +1 traits of writing.
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