Spam musubi

Tutustu aiheeseen liittyviin aiheisiin

Hawaiian SPAM Musubi with Dynamite Sauce 11
In Hawaii believe it or not all you have to do is stop in any 7-11 and get one of these hot yummy things. The ONLY think I will eat that is Spam. In Florence, OR we have a place called Aloha Sushi and they make these huge and Onolicious. How to Spam Musubi

How to Spam Musubi

The only sushi that isn’t fishy. Sizzle Pork And Mmm™. | SPAM® Musubi | Easy Musubi Recipe | SPAM® Brand

SPAM® Musubi

Spam Musubi - soft and sticky rice, salty teriyaki spam, a little soft and creamy omelet (non-traditional but oh so delicious), wrapped up with furikake and nori. ZOMG! So drool-worthy.
Spam Musubi... the ultimate comfort food.

Spam Musubi… the ultimate comfort food.

Then you can enjoy your SPAM musubi.

How to How to Make SPAM Musubi

How to make spam musubi
Spam Musubi Onigiri AKA: Poor man's sushi

Spam Musubi Onigiri

Master the art of making Spam musubi, Hawaii's sushi-lunch meat mash-up.

Master Spam Musubi, Hawaii's Sushi-Lunch Meat Mash-Up

There is no snack that Hawaiians and locals love more than SPAM Musubi.  I don't make these very often as I have a love-hate relationship with SPAM, but whenever I head out to Hawaii I am always re...