Star Trek Voyager: the first time the series managed to put a woman in power without making her a bitch.

The crew of Voyager, putting Star Trek back where it belongs: exploring strange new worlds.

Star Trek Voyager #startrek; Star Trek wallpapers & backgrounds

Star Trek, Voyager-SPACE(I know what space the art term is, I just thought this was a wonderful example and a funny coincidence)

There's Coffee in That Nebula Poster 8x10 print by PoppinPosters, $10.00 #star trek voyager

There's Coffee in That Nebula Poster print Star Trek Voyager insignia (featured in brown bear)-choose your color

46 Times Captain Janeway Was Outta Control Sassy  This is potentially the greatest thing Buzzfeed has ever posted.

46 Times Captain Janeway Was Outta Control Sassy

Captain Janeway is tired of your shit. JANEWAY OUT. Captain Kathryn Janeway of the starship Voyager is a woman of many emotions.

Danger According to Janeway's Hair Infographic. This was bad Janeway hair, seasons 1-3. After that, the whole thing changed....

ladytimelords: “sarcochrane: “Me and the Mrs have been watching a lot of Star Trek voyager as of late, we have noticed a correlation between Janeway’s hair and impending doom. ” this is possibly the most accurate thing I have ever.

On the set of Star Trek Voyager - Naomi and 7

Star Trek Voyager - Scarlet Pomers (Naomi Wildman) and Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), on the back lot by the cast trailers at Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Cast of Star Trek Voyager

The main cast of Star Trek Voyager. HD Wallpaper and background photos of ST: Voyager cast for fans of Star Trek images.

Heh.. the Doctor indeed.. They should have Robert Picardo do a cameo..and if you don't get this, you are not a Geek!

Robert Picardo on

Oh my gosh, Robert Picardo, The Doctor, wearing a Doctor Who shirt that says, "Trust me. I'm the Doctor." My geek heart just exploded with happiness!

Seven of Nine, Star Trek Voyager

Seven of Nine, Star Trek Voyager - what a sensational character - played to perfection by gorgeous Jeri Ryan