Un phénomène extraordinaire s’est déroulé ce matin non loin de Sydney, en Australie. Juste au dessus de la plage de Bondi Beach, une tempête a commencé à se former sous les yeux des baigneurs. Sur les images amateurs, postées sur les réseaux sociaux, on peut voir un mur de nuages en train d’avancer vers les côtes australiennes.

Une sublime tempête frappe Sydney


Von Wilde Natur zu Natur Kunst Möbel

La Jument lighthouse - Le phare de la Jument à Ouessant, lors de la tempête Ruzika, 50 noeuds de vent et une houle de plus de 10m ce jour-là. La Jument lighthouse in Brittany at Ouessant island, during the storm Ruzika, 50 knots of wind and a swell furthermore of 10m this day. https://www.facebook.com/RonanFollicphotographies/ http://ronanfollic.fr/phares-en-mer.html

La Jument lighthouse in Brittany at Ouessant island, during the storm Ruzika, 50 knots of wind and a swell furthermore of this day.

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Showing the contrast between the positive and negative aspects of nature, relating life events to nature, things again he is unable to control, the storm is the stormy life which had been drawn out for him.

Unreal: Jason has spent 10 years as an amateur storm chaser, but it was the first time he took his son Chase along with him

Storm chaser snaps shot of a tornado next to a rainbow in Colorado

monster supercell, burwell, nebraska | nature + weather photography

PRO Ryan McGinnis Burwell Monster A vertical shot of the monster HP supercell that pummeled the open range north of Burwell, Nebraska, June This storm had several rain-wrapped tornadoes earlier in the storm's lifecycle.

This is the picture of a tornado at Outer Banks September 3, 2016. This picture…

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Hurricane Hermine generated a massive "water spout" at Avalon Pier in Outer Banks, North Carolina!

Breathtaking!...."I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north - an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by a brilliant light.  The center of the fire looked like glowing metal."Ez1:4

An erupting volcano along with thunder and lightning. God is so awesome you guys. Just gah its beautiful.

what a power!

Volcano Erupting in Chile. Pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen. What's in the middle of it Volcano erupt in Chile night lightning

"It's coming" Storm Greensburg, Kansas, May 2016

PLEASE NB NSFW ONLY. Just a woman who loves to watch.and pictures that tell a story. I enjoy 'word-painting' a phrase or two as the mood strikes. As an artist, the human form is beautiful to me,.