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Industrial Revolution Timeline

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Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course World History #32 - YouTube. (Week 13)

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This video explains the hardships and conditions that american children faced during the industrial revolution.

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Industrial Revolution

Worksheets: Industrial Revolution. This worksheet can be used to have students read and answer questions about the Industrial Revolution.

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This would be a great worksheet to have the students fill out the postives and negatives of the Industrial Revolution.

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Industrial Revolution Games

Review the inventions of the Industrial Revolution with this matching game.

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13 free photos from the Industrial Revolution for high school, social studies teachers.

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Results of the Industrial Revolution - Free Printable Outline for Grades 7-12

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Industrial Revolution Enrichment Writing & Research Projects

Nine fun and creative Industrial Revolution writing and research projects. From thinking about a world without Thomas Edison to writing from a child worker's point of view to creating factory worker ads, your students will gain a better understanding of this important time in history. A print and go rubric and Industrial Revolution timeline is included. No-Prep, Just Print and Go!$

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Using The Lorax to teach the Industrial Revoluition

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