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We live a busy life, and we often don't pay attention to what enters our bellies. Add to that the convenience of junk food, we are driven away further from healthy food each day. Take a couple of minutes to look at these charts, which will give you enough information about what your body needs, so you can adjust your diet. Adjusting your diet could sometimes change your life, so don't underestimate it.
Healthy food and snacking swaps.
Swap this for that         #foodfacts http://ncnskincare.com/
50 healthy, low calorie dinner recipes! Our favorite comfort foods.
Ingenious hacks for healthy eating!
Ten Tempting Foods To Swap For Weight Loss. Dieting can be challenging when you are forced to avoid the foods you love.  Instead of starving yourself in order to lose weight, consider swapping out your favorite eats for healthy alternatives. Read more: http://delfinspa.info/ten-tempting-foods-to-swap-for-weight-loss
Looking to clean up your #baking? Check out these healthy food swaps for all of your baking essentials!
20 Healthy Food Swaps to Cut Calories  [by Get Slimmer Guide -- via #tipsographic]. More at tipsographic.com
For when you’re trying to go a little lower carb but need a game plan. | 20 Cheat Sheets For When You're Trying To Eat A Little Healthier - BuzzFeed News
10 Superfood Swaps for Picky Eaters
Get applesauce without added sugar to avoid defeating the purpose of even using applesauce. Non-fat original flavor is my favorite option for this. Chia seeds are a superfood. Sounds weird, but try it in brownies. Avocado literally makes everything better and you can’t tell me otherwise. I’m not a pasta lover, but I actually love zucchini pasta. Very fresh and doesn’t make you go into a food coma. DO IT.
100 Calorie Foods That Really Fill You Up (simple food swaps)
Trade TORTILLAS for ZUCCHINI and make enchilada boats.
<b>Don't punish yourself with a <a href="http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelysanders/what-a-juice-cleanse-is-really-like-terrible-not-healthy">cleanse</a> or something equally awful.</b> Just make real food better for you with these yummy substitutions.
"Healthy eating happens when you choose mostly real foods and very little to no highly processed foods. So what is real food? What is processed food? And what falls in between?" #eatclean #myfitnesspal
11 Healthy Food Swaps to speed up weight loss and detox the body! #weightloss #food #swaps