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Tangled as America and her maids The Selection series by Kiera Cass

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OH MY GOSH GUISE I'M DYING RIGHT NOW. This is my favorite book series like EVER and this part made me cry. If you haven't read this book.....READ IT PLEASE!

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The Selection series is my favorite series of all time. The excitement and longing to read every word, page, chapter, book. It captures you and doesn't let you go. It stays in your mind long after you read iy.

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Usuarios de Tumblr reniegan por la compra de Yahoo! y amena...

Don't actually...because I like you but you confuse me and mess everything up. So if you could just STOP THAT it would be alright with me

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My friends told me that I would most likely be like that if I were in the selection lol I'm also a ginger

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Would be the best birthday gift I could receive:)

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“source: eadlyns-asparagus - tumblr || the wrath and the dawn is a rly good book”

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Why Kiera Cass<<<kiera cass is the only author untill now that made me like a character that i hated before. and then she had to kill celeste. bravo, kiera, bravo

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hey there, my name is kristen, and I really like the selection series ••• instagram // keadlyn...

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the selection quote. just read the first one and loved it! can't wait to read the other 2.

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