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The Top Action Heroines

Selene from Underworld. I did this last year for Halloween. I'll probably wear this again but maybe drop the money for the contact lenses this year, buy a wig ( black hair spray paint doesn't work well on blonde hair) and will need to replace my toy gun.

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#underworldbloodwars #underworld #underworldmovie #selene #katebeckinsale

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Underworld - Kate Beckinsale - Selene

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Kate Beckinsale - Underworld Blood Wars

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Kate Beckinsale (Selene) - Underworld movie (2003)

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underworld selene | Underworld selene.....

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Skintight black bodysuit w zipper closure from the neck to lower torso. Also black leather zip-up arm gauntlets. Black leather corset has lace-up back and double zipper. 8 leather straps extend around the side and clip to corset front. 2 black gun holsters attach to the outside of the upper thighs using small, high powered magnets. The calf-high black leather platform boots have laces and zipper all the way up and 5 buckles.

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Selene - Underworld Awakening. I would need to win the lottery for this.

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Underworld Selene. She's so badass!!

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Underworld Selene Makeup (light eyeliner/ metallic lipstick

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