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How to Make a Dreamcatcher // Taylor Reynolds  www.tayreynn.com
#DIY: Doily #Dream Catcher/Fawn Over Baby

DIY: Doily Dream Catcher

#Dreamcatcher ~ Yin Yang black & white I want to try and make this :)
UV Spiral Dreamcatcher  ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/TijaxCreations  NEW : ~ https://www.etsy.com/listing/201956999/spiral-dreamcatcher-mobile-large-pink?ref=shop_home_active_22
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#dreamcatcher #rainbow #colors
Delilah Bohemian Headband-pink and purple dream catcher headband
Recently I made an American Indian's dreamcatcher, which also called the  Ojibwe dreamcatcher.  According to the Ojibwe tribe's ancient legend, there was this Spider  Woman, known as Asibikaashi. She took care of the children and the people  on the land. Eventually, the Ojibwe Nation spread to the corners of North  America and it became difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children.  So the mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs for the children,  using willow hoops and…

Dreamcatcher Illustration Tutorial

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Need a craft day with your girlfriends? This is the perfect DIY dreamcatcher guide + blog post with a step-by-step tutorial and beautiful detailed photos! Pin it now, grab your girlfriends, and start creating later!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Dreamcatcher

DIY dream catcher (easy to follow tutorial) I have been looking for one of these! I made one of these in 7th grade and have been wanting to make one for each of my kids?
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