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Why Choose a Vizsla

Another article I wrote...... Why You Should Choose a Vizsla Over Any Other Dog Breed

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beautiful ~ weimaraner, vizsla, and german shorthair pointer <3 ~ There is just too much adorableness in this photo I just can't stand it. <3

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Vizsla, known as "Velcro vizslas" because once you give them attention they latch on and become your new best friend

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Hungarian Visla - Beautiful - known as The Velcro Visla' for how close they are to their masters

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Why Choose a Vizsla

Puppy running so fast, ears can barely keep up! so CUTE!

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Possibly the PERFECT Pet – (The Story of the Vizsla)

The dog hanging out, like it does best! Brought to you by - Everything for your business

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Breed of the week: the versatile Vizsla

The Vizsla was bred in medieval Hungary for hunting in conjunction with falcons. Some were taken with Hungarian immigrants fleeing World War II but all those left behind were killed. The Vizsla adapts well to urban living, requires little coat maintenance, and trains easily. It can handle heat but not cold.

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Cuty! !!!!

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The perfect morning... ☕️

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