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One of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite artists. Wayne Theibaud inspired most of my paintings in college. Pictures of this painting can't possibly do it justice.

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Cakes by Wayne Thibaud @Stephanie Winterquist you should have this print in your house somewhere

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If I were to collect art, it would all be Wayne Thiebaud. A few prints of his pieces would be perfect in my kitchen :)

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#Wayne Thiebaud, I deserve to have this hanging in my living room. I DESERVE it.

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Close up of Thiebaud cake painting. Posting from blog:Tomatoes From Canada: In the East Wing

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thiebaud ice cream | Two Flavors (Ice Cream Cone), Wayne Thiebaud 2003

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Wayne Thiebaud- Glassed Candy (1969)

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Paintings by Wayne Thiebaud

One of Wayne Thiebaud's amazing cake paintings. Wonderful use of color & texture, those slices are calling my name...

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Wayne Thiebaud (American, b. 1920) - Cake Slice 1979 - Oil on wood panel

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speech 1 shadows and steep hills by Wayne Thiebaud. What is it about the light in his paintings that is so uniquely Californian?

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