DE J-S ( Stan)

DESERT EAGLE All time favorite pistol. Can't wait till I get old enough.

This is maybe one of the best looking gun concepts in my opinion. I like the way the slide looks, but the grips looks a bit forgotten.

Concept weapon - Fudo-main sci-fi energy handgun by peterku on DeviantArt More

Nerf Hammershot diesel / Steampunk custom | Ethis Crea

Nerf Hammershot custom Dieselpunk / Steampunk by Et/nerf-hammershot-diesel

Branton Custom Knives

Branton Knives offer Quality Custom Knives at Affordable Prices to any person who uses a knife daily. In addition to my line of throwing knives, I am making quality tactical folders and small to medium sized fixed blades for EDC.

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I love the thought of a futuristic soldier whipping out a beautiful flintlock pistol

Sniper RiflesLoading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today!

Any Sniper lovers? Good sniper list, but it's missing the mac daddy of them all and my personal favorite - the Barrett