Infographic: The Rise of Wearable Technology   wearable technology technology mobile health mHealth

Cool Wearables - Infographic: The Rise of Wearable Technology wearable technology technology mobile health mHealth

The Pinterest 100: Wearables aren't just watches anymore. Tech-infused clothing is taking off, from light-up cycling pants to heart-rate-tracking vests.

Safety tips for cyclists

A cyclist jacket that has a LED display that indicates the direction they are going to help ensure safety.

How Wearables Will Change your Life

Demographics of internet compatible items usage by the combining public - Where does the public stand with the Internet of Things? It’s focused now on Wearable Tech, especially as Wearable Technology crosses into lifestyle and fashion

The Rise of Wearable Technology #wearabletech #tech #technology

What is Collaborative Filtering?

wearable technology news  Now I can flip u of with my watch, in pixels. Ha. love it.

dor_tal forecasts the future with wearable predictables app: worn as an interactive watch, the device functions as a contemporary fortune teller, predicting events and developments in different areas of life.

Wearable monitor to keep track of his daily activity. | Fifty Shades of Grey | In Theaters Valentine's Day

The Beautiful Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

Product: Wearable Activity Tracker (Button design influenced) Made by: Misfit Fitness Trackers Materials Used: Unknown

Amazing inventions for the Year 2020 by Phillips - Shown is: VIBE - the emotion sensing necklace by Philips Design...x

Amazing Inventions for the Year 2020 by Philips

Emotion Sensing Necklace is an emotional sensing necklace that combines conductive ink and textile sensors. The fashionable device can read multiple biometric signals of the wearer and communicates them to other devices and other wearers.

Second Skin Watch Prototype: Time is displayed in rows of LED lights, one for…

LED display turns the ‘Second Skin’ wristwatch into a fashion accessory

Modern technology has paved the way for some of the sleekest gadgets that apart from being functional have also become a hi-tech accessory or fashionable jewelry for the stylish. Conceived by New York based designer Svetlana Blum, the “Second.