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Wicked illustration by ashley taylor! Shop at :)

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They're awesome. When someone is telling me a story, and says: "and then the wicked witch melted." I go like this: "o really, did she..." But when someone says Dorothy should have "killed" her earlier, I go like this: "NO"

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This is true unless you have never heard the song... then you need to hear the song

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Wicked | Frame Art Print

by Andre De Freitas. Wicked was AMAZING!!!!!!!

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31 Signs You're Obsessed With "Wicked"

This was probably one of your favorite lines from the show. | 31 Signs You're Obsessed With "Wicked"

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Wicked Quote. Song-What is this Feeling. I just love how Elphaba describes Galinda in one word.

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Reason number 10000000# that I am just like Elphaba (and NEED to portray her someday) <3

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Wicked- this totally my flirt technique at school ... Thanks, Glinda! Lol

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Wicked fan art

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A 'wicked'ly beautiful image ;) Sorry for the pun, but only a little. #Broadway #Wicked

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