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Female and Male Japanese Yakuza Tattoo Designs, Images and Suits with meaning. Beautiful full body yakuza dragon tattoos and more yakuza inspiration.


architect vincent coste has completed the interior design of a japanese restaurant influenced by yakuza named koï. see more about the project on by designboom

Yakuza tattoos. Wowowowow LOVE. <3 I used to want tattoos like this when I was a freshman in HS. Of course now I don't but I wouldn't mind looking at other people's Yakuza tats haha :)

40 of the most hyper-realistic tattoos i've ever seen

Artist: Shane Tan and Yushi Horikichi

Collaboration with my arch enemy Fujin by Shane and Raijin by me. This Chinaman is so talented he beats me on everything. He even had a baby right before I did you dickhead. Well at least our country makes better fried rice.

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«Le tatouage traditionnel est l'essence même de la sensibilité et de l'âme japonaises», selon le maître tatoueur japonais Horiyoshi ...

Le tatouage ancré au Quai-Branly

'Tatoueurs, Tatoués', an exhibition that traces the history of tattoos, opened Tuesday at the Musée du Quai Branly in.

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