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Miguel Casasola en el cuarto oscuro de su estudio en la Ciudad de México, 1925. Obsérvese la pistola al cinto El mexicano Agustín Víctor Ca...

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Zoot-suits were worn by lower class Mexican and African Americans. Very loose and long pants with an extremely large jacket. The zoot-suit was a distinctive part of the "Pachuco" culture, and a way for the youth of minority groups to express their individuality and feelings of rebellion. People saw wearing the zoot-suit as a deliberate, public, and obnoxious way of ignoring the rationing/war effort after the War Production Board nearly banned the production of them. Distinctions were…

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Zoot suit

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Zoot Suit: the suits. Others say they were first worn by an African-American bus driver. Eventually the suits became more widely accepted for jitterbugging and african-american musicians. This lead many ethnicities to adopt the style in the 40s. The jacket was long with wide shoulders and long, wide lapels. The trousers were markedly pegged.

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The zoot suit was epitome of men's fashion during the 1920's. The jacket was designed with shoulder pads and wide lapels. You can see on these two figures an overly long watch chain hangs from the waist. The pants were baggy in cut and then became tighter at the ankle.

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Zoot Suit- in the early 40's, the zoot suit developed as an extreme variation of the sack suit.

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1943 - 1944 Zoot Suits and Porkpie Hats were the popular trend. (Jeanette H.)

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Malcolm X (1992) Featuring Denzel Washington and Spike Lee Photos with Ruth E. Carter

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Zoot Suit Riots Gangs | here's the young pachuco zoot suiters who banded together to fight the ...

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