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a woman holding a rose in her right hand
"Mi piace": 47, commenti: 4 - - trece. (@fucktrece) su Instagram: "- había una vez, pero ya no."
a woman's face with the sun shining through her eyes
EBOOK📚 Caught up in a world of elemental animals & people who can control air, water, sunlight, & more…
a woman's face painted like a spider with her eyes open and makeup applied to look like a butterfly
Projection Photography
Great way to develop your photography or experimentation skills by doing some projection photography. Could link it to hidden identity, disguise, alter ego/multiple personalities or expression. Li…
a black and white photo of a woman's face with the sun shining through her eyes
deutsch arşivleri - Daily Good Pin
a woman with her hands on her face and arms wrapped around her body, looking at the camera
✨vacation vibes✨ . . : via Pinterest (contraire fotografie?)
a woman's face painted with black and white flowers on her body is seen through the shadow of a tree
Dark Flower
The lighting, the lace shadow, the eyes.. amazing
a woman's face with the shadow of leaves on her body
Shadow Photography
15+ Creative Photographers Who Know How To Use Shadows