Darkness then redness then whiteness
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two different types of lines with the words, my heart beat when i read allegant
We all can relate
a young man is smiling and wearing a pink shirt
Toby Turner. The Cute Gent.
a young man in a gray shirt is posing for a photo and looking at the camera
Page Not Found - Marquee Hire for Weddings and Corporate events in Liverpool and throughout the North West
toby turner: funny man; YouTube him: tobuscus
a man smiling and looking at the camera with text that reads, get's killed by monster
#Tobuscus #Toby Turner #Safety Torch
a man is looking up at something in the air with his eyes wide open while wearing a blue shirt
some type of font that is in the middle of an advertise for someone to use
an image of a cartoon character with the caption help me i'm feeling
Tumblr: The Grinch demonstrating what happens when the OTP does something || This is true
an mp3 player with the words shortcuts song on it's screen and other music
Rocking tune
the audio player is playing an album on his phone, and it's also being viewed
Good tune
an mp3 player with the words depressinging song on it's front panel
Love his voice in this song
an advertisement with the words me when i'm fanggling
a man with glasses is brushing his teeth
a young man leaning against a wooden wall
Second Percy Jackson Movie News - Percy Jackson Stuff
not so secret obsession with Toby 'Tobuscus' Turner, what can I say he's hot :P
a man is sitting at a table with his hand on his wrist and looking into the camera
So I had a dream last night that I was cuddling with this guy. I woke up to the sad realization that I had not in fact been friends with Toby Turner for 15 years and he wasn't in fact finally falling in love with me.... lol #tobyturner #tobuscus