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I'm just pinning this to say, I HATE SPIDERS. I don't think it will actually nest in my hair but I hate this spider D:<<< idk where you live, but here the don't kill anyone.

Why is that gif so perfect for the subject?!

Yeah, it's like you don't need that, dimwits! Ok, so this reminded me of my English teacher. Whenever she gives you a web address, she forces you to type the https thing and the www thing.


Taal Lake in the Philippines. I've been's actually Taal volcano and her calderas that creates this fun little phenomenon.

This. This wins

Leo Valdez: Bad Boy Supreme, Super Sized McShizzle, Supreme Commander/Repair Boy of the Argo II.


ART I think the fact they referenced the Iron Giant just made this like better. Great concept of art too!

You know what I realized is funnier than this pin? My face as I looked at it. Admit it. You were making the faces, too.--- Omfg I'm dying!

Burn #kpopRandomness

I can't stop laughing.i seriously had a poem that said I want, I need, i imagine and almost every line had to do with PTX or concert tickets.i think my teacher thinks I have a problem.every poem she gives us, I at least have 3 lines having to do with PTX.