A collection of a variety of Alvar Aalto glass containers.

thedesignhoarder: “ post number twenty six - aalto vases Here is part of my iittala Aalto vase collection. The Aalto vase was originally designed.

Anna-wili Highfield, paper sculpture.

Anna-wili Highfield, paper sculpture.

incredible paper sculptures Anna-Wili Highfield Horse Mask For Hermes 2011 Approx. 100 x 110 x 100 cm Cotton paper, ink, cotton thread, silk, copper pipe internals with hard hat.

The Milk Jug

The Milk Jug - Italian Design - Seletti

Andrea Walsh / Large Square Faceted Box / 2015 / Porcelain with Gold Klin Cast Opaque White Glass / One-Off Piece / Courtesy Galerie Mouvements Modernes

Andrea Walsh Faceted Box

Andrea Walsh Faceted Box

The Large Coffee Set

coffee cups and tray by Seletti Estetico Quotidiano - Store on counter upside down

The Napkin Holder

The Napkin Holder - Italian Design - Seletti

The Sugar Jar

Three sizes of porcelain can(isters) from Seletti. Perfect for on-the-counter storage that will become conversation pieces!