Fanni Haiko
More ideas from Fanni your headphones don't get tangled in your purse :)

DIY tangle-free headphones with embroidery floss! AT LAST my frayed nerves from my ever-tangled iPod earbuds will get a break! Now if only they could find a way to embroidery-floss my PhD I would be ever so grateful.

Magnet craft. cheap. easy. serious profit potential...cost approx .25 to make and sell for $1

Tutorial For craft fair magnets Glass Magnet Tutorial Materials: 1 inch glass pebbles (Dollar Tree- about come 30 in a bag) Crystal Effects circle punch /Patterned paper of your choice Hot glue gun High energy magnet buttons

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Nice idea for usage of our Tree Stumps. Lady Bug Bumble Bee Tic-Tac-Toe game - hand paint rocks and a tree stump for a home made outdoor game.

Sew....making this....DIY BEACH WRAP....Love this project.

DIY BEACH WRAP - *I think this would be an awesome idea for a hospital birth for when mom is getting in and out of the tub. Put snaps on the straps and it could be put on over IV tubing too.