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This DIY Lace Bralette makes a perfectly romantic DIY Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart.

I have to admit to being seriously into lace bralettes, it’s like as I get older I’m regressing from grown up, scaffolding-esque underwear back to underwire free, super comfortable slips of lace. Perhaps not as ergonomically (or gravitationally) correc

Precisely...everyone wants to feel that they are valued in your life...if u never return calls or texts, don't be surprised when they stop making that effort....I stop my efforts when I feel that I am tryin to be friends with sum1 that doesn't care if I'm alive. . My loyalty frustrates me in that I find few match it...

SO TRUE!-Some people are so blind. One sided relationships are way too common. And what sucks is that person won't realize it until they have lost a friend. If they even care, which they don't, or they wouldn't have let this happen in the first place.

Miley Cyrus in LOL. An amazing movie.

Photos and movie stills from Miley Cyrus new movie LOL starring Ashley Greene, Demi Moore and Douglas Booth, in limited release starting May