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a smiling woman wearing a knitted hat and scarf
Sticka Allers-mössan – enkel beskrivning
two knitted strawberry mitts sitting on top of a piece of wood next to three strawberries
Dieser Artikel ist nicht verfügbar - Etsy
Emily Erdbeer Party Geburtstag Outfit Mädchen Baby Socken Baby
the legs and feet of a person wearing blue knitted slippers with white socks
Celestina Socks / DROPS Baby 31-8 - Gratis stickmönster från DROPS Design
Stickade sockor med flätor till baby. Stl prematur - 3/4 år. Arbetet är stickat i DROPS BabyMerino
two white mittens sitting on top of green grass
Icy Paws / DROPS Extra 0-1413 - Gratis stickmönster från DROPS Design
the crochet cast - on method for beginners is shown in green and gold
The Crochet Cast-on Method for right-handed knitters
The crochet cast-on method creates a really neat edge that resembles a chain cast-off edge; it is sometimes known as the cast-off cast-on method.
the legs of a woman wearing socks and slippers, standing on a white floor
Neulo kauniit puolukkasukat
Neulo kauniit puolukkasukat
two pairs of knitted socks laying next to each other on top of a couch
Lankaa puikoissa: Marimekko-sukkaohje
two knitted socks laying on top of each other
Calcetines de punto – Mundo Bolsa
a woman standing by the water with her eyes closed wearing a gray sweater and black pants
Treelight by Jennifer Steingass
Ravelry: Treelight by Jennifer Steingass
two pictures, one is blue and the other has white designs on it with green plants
Veljen Villapaita
Thought I'd share the knitting chart for this icelandic style sweater I knitted for my brother. There's a pdf version available on my blog for the chart if anyone should want to use it. (blog is in Finnish though)
some type of font that is in white on a blue background with the words,'villa
Suloiset Pöllövillasukat (sis. ohje)
Villasukat matkalaukussa: Suloiset Pöllövillasukat (sis. ohje)