Naksu Kihlakaski

Naksu Kihlakaski

Naksu Kihlakaski
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Crystal Sharky Wyvern DC by Screeches on DeviantArt

Design commission for okami-no-kamui semi-aquatic sharky snakey dragon at your service you didn't give me a color palette so heRE YOU GO Crystal Sharky Wyvern DC

Snake Dragons by ~beastofoblivion on deviantART

Snake Dragons by ~beastofoblivion on deviantART/ Just imagine being in a dense forest and you hear this loud crashing sound then these giant ass shitheads come crashing out

Commission: Nonus by SilverMender

Commission for nonus on FA of her character Miguel Vargas! What a fun guy, had a blast with his design—and shapeshifting goodness

stones and minerals

We just so happen to be learning about minerals in Earth Science class so it's time to really refuel my lowkey obsession with pretty stones!