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an image of a demon with wings on it's back and arms around a snake
THE BOOK OF BAPHOMET From Gnosticke Dualism to Z-Aeonic Magicke – from the Archives of ZAXON Publishing
a red neon sign that says motel hello and vacany on it's side
"We cαn eαsιlʏ ғσrgive α cнιld wнσ ιs αғrαιd σғ тнe dαrκ; тнe reαl тrαgedʏ σғ lιғe ιs wнen мen αre αғrαιd σғ тнe lιgнт."
Evil Pictures, Heavy Metal, Dark Side, Satan, Heavy Metal Music
Witches, Wicked, Theistic Satanism, Spiritual Satanism, Rituals
a neon sign with a woman's face in the middle of it that has tears
Neon Virgin Mary, Sofia Rivera
Wallpaper, Ange, Religious Icons, Kunst, Religion
All about Mary.: Photo
a black and white logo with the word,'illitth'in it