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crocheted doll with red hair and black eyes is shown in four different pictures
Crochet Inspiration: 5 Varieties of Hair for Amigurumi Dolls
a crocheted dress, hat and booties are laying on a white surface
Free Crochet Dress Pattern for Micro Preemies or Baby Dolls
valentine's day crochet patterns
12 Valentine's Day Creatures: Free Crochet Patterns
Don't just give your loved one a card this year—crochet a Valentine's Day critter!
valentine's cards with the words crochet ideas and instructions
39 Crochet Valentine's Day Card Ideas
For a unique Valentine's Day card this year, why not try crochet?
a woman wearing a knitted hat on top of her head
Free 'Rustic Rambler' Hat Knitting Pattern
A simple slouch hat pattern that is great for beginners to learn to knit in the round.
a person wearing a colorful striped arm warmer
Easy Fingerless Mitts (Mittens): A Free Knitting Pattern
Fingerless mitts (gloves or mittens) are a great project for gift knitting!
knitting and crochet supplies sitting next to each other on a white sheet with the words pros and cons of knitting and crochet
Pros and Cons of Knitting vs. Crochet
Learn the difference between knit and crochet items so you can decide whether to learn to knit, crochet, or both. Each method has pros and cons.
three balls of yarn sitting next to each other with the words learn to knit on it
Learn to Knit: Teach Yourself How to Knit
Want to learn to knit but don't know where to start? This guide will teach you how to knit even if you're a total beginner. It's full of resources to answer questions about knitting, yarn, techniques, and how to knit in the round.
a small dog wearing a colorful sweater standing on some dry grass and straw looking at something in the distance
Free Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern: Fairy Dust Sweater
No shivers for this puppy! Learn how to craft your own dog sweater with this crochet pattern.
a black and white dog wearing a blue sweater on top of dry grass in the sun
Half Double Crochet Small Dog Sweater Pattern
Our little Chihuahua mix gets super cold when we take her out, so we made a sweater for her.
two baskets filled with black and white balls on top of a stone floor next to a wicker basket
5 Products You Can Make With Alpaca Fleece
In this article, I will show you five things I did with my alpaca fleece and tell you whether or not each product was profitable.
dye your own yarn with food coloring
How to Dye Yarn With Food Colouring
Dyeing yarn with food colouring is a fun and inexpensive way to create your own unique colours and articles of clothing.