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an elevated deck with chairs and plants on the roof is perfect for this tiny house
39 Amazing Tiny Houses With Roof-Top Terraces
Photo: Gabriel & Tati @triptofollow
Location: Urubici (Santa Catarinense), Southern Brazil 🇧🇷
More info: @taipa.urubici
a dog is standing in the middle of a room with a loft bed above it
33 Tiny Houses With Great Loft Spaces (Pictures)
a bedroom with white walls and wooden floors, plants in the corner on the bed
a kitchen with a wood stove in it
Tiny home in Carbis Bay · ★4.96 · 1 bedroom · 6 beds · 1 bathroom
a dog is sitting on the window sill looking out at the yard and trees
Viking Vista - A Majestic Scandinavian Tiny House Retreat!
Embark on a Nordic adventure with Viking Vista, a regal escape that captures the spirit of Scandinavian Tiny Houses. Experience the grandeur of compact living with a touch of Viking charm. Click the article for more ideas!
an outdoor living area with couches, tables and plants on the outside wall in front of it
🪄✨️✨️ the inspiración 💫💫
🪄✨️✨️ the inspiración 💫💫
a white house surrounded by greenery and trees
a collection of inspirations.
an old green barn sits in the middle of some trees and has a large round window
a small cabin in the woods with stairs leading up to it
an old stone building with a blue door and window in the middle of snow covered trees
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