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an info sheet with the words how to say'to have'in finnish and family talk
How to say "to have" in spoken Finnish + family talk
In this series of images, two people are chatting about their families in Finnish. Watch the video to listen to the dialogue and hear my detailed explanation on each image!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a plant and cup with the words learn the most common finnish verbs
Common Finnish verbs video series
This is the start of my video series on the most common Finnish verbs.
List of the Finnish cases Learning, Reading, Learn Finnish, Language, Sentences, Logic, Example, Finnish Language, Online Courses
The 15 Finnish cases
Have you been trying to learn the logic behind all those Finnish endings? My online course on the Finnish cases is available now!
the words common finnish verbs, part 1 are shown in blue and orange colors
Learn common Finnish verbs - Part 1
the 50 basic phrases for everyday conversation
50 everyday phrases in Finnish
the text how to form ko / ko questions in finnish part 3 is shown above
How to form questions in Finnish (part 3) - Closed questions
the list of the finnish cases and example sentences
The Finnish cases
the words blog posts for finnish beginners are surrounded by colorful magnets and letters
My blog posts for beginners in Finnish
I've collected the links to my beginner-friendly Finnish blog posts here. Example sentences in spoken Finnish and in standard Finnish, audio, videos...
a poster with the words days of the week in finnish and english, including an image of
Days of the week in Finnish
Learn the days of the week in Finnish and some example sentences to go with them!
an info sheet showing the different types of boats
How to say "behind" in Finnish
Learn how to say "behind" in Finnish AND find more examples of how to describe the location of something in Finnish. Watch my video on how to say "under", "between", "near", "on top of" and "next to" something in Finnish.
a blackboard with different types of writing on it and some words in the middle
3 different forms of the Finnish personal pronoun MINÄ
Head to my blog post for more example sentences on the Finnish personal pronouns!
the differences between spanish and english verbs are shown in this poster for students to learn
Saada, osata, voida - what's the difference?
Get the FREE PDF with exercises on these Finnish verbs! Ever get confused with the Finnish verbs saada, osata and voida? You're not alone. The Finnish verbs saada, osata and voida are quite similar in meaning but I've noticed that they may take a while to master.
the words how to use the finnish verb kadya are in blue and green
How to use the Finnish verb KÄYDÄ
If you thought the Finnish verb KÄYDÄ only means "to go", then this is the video to watch! Käydä is an incredibly versatile verb and there are lots of different contexts you can use it in. Learn these example sentences and you will have expanded your Finnish vocabulary without actually learning that many new words.
people sitting around a table with food on it and the words food talk in finnish
Talking about food in Finnish
Learn how to compliment and comment on your friend's food in Finnish! Watch, read and listen to these standard and spoken Finnish sentences!
a poster with the words how to say why on earth? in finnish and other finnish questions
How to sound more astonished in Finnish ("Why on earth?")
When you don’t understand why someone is doing what they’re doing, you can express your confusion or astonishment by saying something like “Why on earth?”. Read on to find out how to say this in Finnish and how to tweak this sentence further. (NB! The end of the article contains Finnish swear words, both in the text and the audio.)