Finnish soldier on skis in 1941.

war is only for stupids, but. - historywars: Finnish soldier on skis in

President Y. Kekkonen - the 8th President of Finland. In office 1 March 1956 – 27 January 1982

Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, President of Finland. In office 1 March 1956 – 27 January 1982

Kimi Räikkönen - iceman from Finland

If it weren't for the separate Kimi board, this easily would be classified under the Suomi board! That car is so unreal! Iceman Kimi Räikkönen in an ice formula car

Miina Sillanpää was Finland's first female minister. *Birthday 4 June (1866)*

Miina Sillanpää (originally Vilhelmiina Riktig, 4 June 1866 in Jokioinen – 3 April 1952 in Helsinki) was Finland's first female minister and a key figure in the workers' movement.

Marimekko designer Annika Rimala

Annika Rimala Annika Rimala was a driven Marimekko designer who used cheerful patterns and liberating shapes to define her fashion sensibilities.

Runeberg's Day;  Finland;  February 5;  Commemorates the national poet, Johan Ludvig Runeberg.

Johan Ludvig Runeberg February Jakobstad – 6 May Porvoo) was a Finnish (Finland-Swedish) poet, and is the national poet of Finland. He wrote in the Swedish language.

The all time best Finnish football player Jari Litmanen

World Cup 2010 Qualifiers Wales v Finland og March 2009 Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales Result: 0 - 2 Goals: Jonatan Johansson and Shefki Kuqi

Emma Kimiläinen, Finland, the First Female Race Car Driver in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship in 15 Years

PWR Racing has just announced that Emma Kimiläinen will pilot their Saab in…

Edvin Laine (b. 13 July 1905), a Finnish film director.

Edvin Laine (b. 13 July a Finnish film director.