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Men in fantasy art — fear-the-bunneh: Knight Sketch by Beaver-Skin

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Alphys Apocalipse <--- Okay, that just sounds like a bunch of Alphyses raining down on humanity in a show of utter destruction. It's even better if they're all nervously stuttering the whole way.

Human Vikings Roughs by Eyecager

Character Roughs from a thing I worked on last year. Human, Jötunn and Hulder/Huldrekall. Hulders are neat, they have giant holes in their backs or bark covering it.

Northern City by jjpeabody on DeviantArt

At the base of the Helvagus Mountains, and at the most accessible entrance, lies Norrdalen, where the largest Human military force is housed. They are the best warriors of all humans and Dwarves, and are feared by many.