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Smarta (?) Tips

How to hide emergency money. Take your empty chap stick container and pop off the bottom taking all the insides out and then glue the bottom back on. Perfect for some extra cash at the beach.-- Great idea it only i didn't always loss my chapstick

Artificial Intelligence

iRobot Discount Best Price Roombamy family Household robot pwahahaa RT mish_shellx hyukjae donghae does a lot of sunbathing, so he is quite (cont) Household Robot - ** BARGAIN!

Floating Treehouse Tent. A glowing orb hanging in mid air.

Is it a cocoon? A suspended bed? A tree house? The Cocoon Tree is sold by a French company and supports more than two tons above the ground. The spherical structure is made of aluminum and covered with a resistant canvas, designed to be hung from

massive hammock tent. this might actually tempt me to say those three words no one expects to hear from me anymore: "let's go camping."

HANGING TENT = Tentsile combines the versatility and comfort of a hammock with usable space and security of a camping tent. Suspended tent will protect you from insects, snakes, bears and other dangerous predators. May be coolest thing ever!

Ancient World Maps showing Lemuria, Atlantis and more, page 1

This striking physical world map, produced by the US Defense Mapping Agency, is Pacific centred with Australia right in the middle (where it should be! The map comes either in plain paper or with a heavy duty laminate for extra durability.

Ancient Greece History Co-op - Atlantis - recreating the volcano and tsunami that could have destroyed the ancient city

Week The lost city of Atlantis. Everyone believed the ancient cities of Troy and Mycenae were just myths until one day they were discov.