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Saunas that I enjoy looking at. Beautiful saunas, saunas with interest. Saunas that I wish I had the pleasure to use.

clever sauna lighting, this is such a fantastic idea!

"clever sauna lighting, this is such a fantastic idea! If I'm ever rich enough to have my own sauna room then I'm going to do this!

sauna - someday :)

Nice details and as always light and dark wood prove to be a great combination


A tough, practical sauna whose stylish look fits easily into any environment. This is the line Effegibi has designed especially for hotels, spas, sports centres and gyms.

DIY Sauna!

the initial construction of a small floating deck to experience the lake's atmosphere turns this experimental design into the final structural intervention.


Infrared Jade Sauna is the perfect solution to resolve these common, everyday ailments.

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