Bordado ponto cruz infantil

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a white plate topped with a cross stitch embroidery
bordado ursinho e patinhos
a hand holding up a small embroidered lion
Bordado Livre: Seja forte e corajoso
an embroidered lion with the word autumn written on it's face and surrounded by leaves
Bordado livre: saiba mais sobre a técnica e inspire-se
a wall hanging with some keys attached to it
a person holding up a embroidery kit with the word cecilia written in pink on it
the word love is made up of flowers and hearts with leaves on them, as well as
an embroidered name in a wooden frame with animals and trees on it's side
the outline of a woman's face with a cross and heart on her chest
a close up of a embroidery on a white surface with the word mama written in it
Essa bordadinho tão leigo e delicado é a inspiração de hoje.
a bear with leaves around it's head and the word bear in front of it
Teddy Bear Sketch Drawing On White: illustrazione stock 2212953729 | Shutterstock
a cross stitch pattern with the word love on it
a cross stitched placemat with cars and trucks on it that says samuel, i'm a princess
a cross stitch pattern with the letter j in it's center and scissors on top