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This girl is a real genius.
This girl is a real genius.
someone is pouring coke into a glass with the caption, you'll never know u
Don’t Drink This Ever Again 😳 #shorts
a man is using a grate to clean the grass
It's just putting Pepper in the Drain! Experienced Plumber Revealed the Secret! | It's just putting Pepper in the Drain! Experienced Plumber Revealed the Secret! | By Tavares good Tips | Facebook
a drain in the middle of a dirty bathroom with dirt on the floor and walls
Soap Scum Remover | Splash Spray | All-Purpose Cleaner
how to remove years of shower scum in 60 seconds and save money on the floor
Soap Scum Remover | Splash Spray | All-Purpose Cleaner
Easy trick removes years of shower scum in 60 seconds. Simply spray, wait and wipe away.
a bathroom sink filled with dirty water next to toothbrushes
Soap Scum Remover | Splash Spray | All-Purpose Cleaner
Spray Cleaner, Clean My House, Oven Cleaner
Soap Scum Remover | Splash Spray | All-Purpose Cleaner
a sign that says for spotless floors and shows the instructions to make it easy
Pam sent you a Pin! | Homemade cleaning supplies, Homemade cleaning solutions, Cleaning recipes
the words how to remove black mold in toilet are overlaid with brown and white dirt
How to Remove Black Mold in Toilet - Proficient Plumbing & Heating
a man is holding a bottle of oil and salt on a cutting board in the kitchen
Mix Salt with dish soap and you will be surprised by the results! | Mix Salt with dish soap and you will be surprised by the results! | By Bezerra good Tips | Mix salt with dish soap and you'll be surprised by the result. After I started using this mixture, I never bought it at the supermarket again. To start our simple tip, we're going to need dish soap. The brand, scent and essence, it's of your choice. Add seven ounces of dish soap to a large container. Next, we're going to need salt. Just the regular kitchen salt. Add two tablespoons and then mix well. Now we're going to need baking soda. Add one tablespoon of baking soda and mix a little more. And finally just add one cup of water. Just tap water at room temperature. Then mix one last time. I couldn't believe that mixing these ingredients could make this happen. I was surprised by the result, that's why I want to share this with all of you. So you can take advantage of it and save a lot of money. After mixing well, it's ready. What we're going to do now is transfer the entire mixture to an empty container. I'll use this dish soap bottle. And I imagine you're curious, wondering what this is for. What we just made is one of the best homemade aluminum cleaners and polishers ever produced. That's right. You'll use this product to clean and shine all kinds of aluminum in your house. Especially your pots. Look at the condition of this pan. Extremely burned and with grease crusts. People when they have a pan like this usually throw it away. But you don't have to do that. Just our product and pour it directly into the pan. Then you'll simply scrub very well. No need for steel wool or to apply force scrubbing because our product is very potent. It's also perfect for cutlery, stainless steel items, aluminum items for the sink basin and even some appliances in your home. And besides cleaning, it will give an incredible shine to your pieces. See how all the dirt and burn marks come off effortlessly. And of this with cheap ingredients that we all have at home. An extremely economical and very useful product. This will make your pans look brand new like from the store. I bet all your visitors will be impressed with the shine of your pans. Just look at the result. How amazing. So make sure to give this wonderful tip a try at home. For sure you'll love the result. That was today's tip. I hope you liked it very much. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.
a person is holding an object in a glass bowl with water on it and the bottom part of his hand
Never waste time scrubbing stove burners again!! | Never waste time scrubbing stove burners again!! | By Tavares good Tips | Throw and wait. You'll never waste your time scrubbing stove burners again. That's right. And for that let's grab a container and here we'll add baking soda. Let's put in two table spoons of baking soda. And now we'll need a lemon. If possible use this type here. That is more acidic and will work better for our recipe. I'll cut the lemon in half and we'll squeeze all the lemon juice into the mixture. This will cause a reaction along with the baking soda. But it's absolutely normal. This little mixture here is really potent. Let's squeeze all the lemon here. I'll also put detergent here. I'm using this one. But you can use whatever you have at home. Let's put in three tablespoons of detergent. And we'll need vinegar. But it has to be alcohol vinegar also known as white vinegar. It can't be any other type of vinegar. And we'll put in here the same amount as detergent. Three table spoons of vinegar. And finally folks, let's get a litre of hot water. Let's mix all the ingredients well. And now folks, let's go to the stove burners. As we use them, if we don't clean them regularly, a lot of dirt, burned residue, food scraps accumulate and anyone who has tried to remove this knows how difficult it is and with this mixture we just made you'll be able to remove these burn stains. Even the most intense dirt. What are you going to do? Just take the stove burners out and put them here in the mixture and it's very important that they are completely submerged in the mixture. You can come and throw and you can also put these parts here. Which usually oxidize and this mixture will also help to remove. Put them here folks. We'll leave them until the water cools down, okay? It takes about 20 to 30 minutes. And I'll show you the result. And well folks, after the time, I'll take one from here and show you. Look at this. We can practically remove it with our finger. Look how wonderful. Why is that? The hot water here along with the other ingredients, the vinegar, the baking soda and the lemon softens all the dirt, stains and grease that were dirty. Just look. So you don't have to waste the time scrubbing. It's quite ingenious. What can you do now? Take a spongy and wet it in our mixture and remove the excess. And you don't even have to exert force. Look how wonderful. Look at that folks. It came off really easily. Very cool. And look at the difference friends. It looks like other piece, really amazing. So that's it. The stove burners are dirty, stained, you waste time scrubbing there with a sponge until your finger hurts. Make this mixture at home and you'll definitely like the result. Thank you very much for watching the video. Regards, God bless and until the next video, God willing.
a man is using a toothbrush to brush his teeth while sitting on a stool
Just put Salt in Coke and you will thank me forever! It's incredible!!😱🤯 | Just put Salt in Coke and you will thank me forever! It's incredible!!😱🤯 | By Tavares good TipsFacebook