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a cross stitch pattern with the words, the horror's priest but 50001
You, Me, and Embroidery
I love you (many of you!) and hope you're safe, internet people.
a close up of a piece of fabric and some crafting supplies
Coloring Aida Cloth - Catholic Sprouts
the instructions for how to make a cross stitch video
Cross Stitch Mistakes: Miscounting - Notorious Needle
Anyone making a counted cross stitch project has miscounted. It happens kind of often, so learning how to fix miscounts in cross stitch will come in handy. Is it ruined?! Probably not! Following along in this tutorial as I teach you 3 ways to fix miscount
Couture, Version, Tricot, Bodies, Stitch, Stricken, Agree, Body
No Body No Crime – Free Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern (No Bodies No Worries Series)